Graphite + Resin
= Graphene Composites

TLC's unique process mixes graphite directly with the resin to make graphene composites. We break the cost barrier for using graphene in plastics.

200% to 500% Increase in Rigidity

By using covalent bonding for graphene flakes and resin molecules, we can produce a 200% to 500% increase in tensile and flexural moduli.

Low Cost + High Performance
= Superior Products

Let TLC 's graphene composites help your products excel in the market place.

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TLC Patented Technology

Changing the Future of Graphene Composites 

Rutgers: Graphite to Graphene PMC

G-PMC Mechanical Properties

Low-Cost Graphite Makes Graphene Composites Affordable for Many Plastic Applications 

Passenger Vehicles

There’s an opportunity to re-think every aspect of the passenger vehicle to replace metal and traditional composites with stronger, lighter composites to save energy while maintaining safety.

Construction & Engineering

Increase robustness and durability of materials leading to reduced weight and costs

Shipbuilding & Paints

Replace traditional heavier metal or traditional materials with more robust, lightweight materials for parts or even in coatings to aid in resistance to seawater corrosion, yielding in extended service life.


Fueling the space and satellite race with superior, lightweight materials with all the benefits of graphene.

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Sports Equipment

Incorporating graphene into the design of sports gear will create lighter yet more resistant equipment to combat against everyday wear and tear in all environments and temperatures, leading to longer-lasting sports equipment for your customers.

Tires and Shoes

Like sports equipment, graphene's ultra-high conductivity can be used in tires to improve fuel efficiency from rolling resistance, as well as providing a better grip for performance in running shoes.

Our Process

Free Assessment

Bring us your company's current product or idea and we’ll provide a free consultation.

Testing and Analysis

We can analyze and/or test your product or idea work to figure out if our materials can work for you. We may even send you some sample composite test.

Cost/Benefit Ratio

Our patented G-PMC process delivers graphene polymer materials for lower cost and higher benefit. Let us do a cost/benefit analysis on your product or idea.