Product Development & Licensing

TLC’s patented G-PMC production process is low cost, large volume and highly scalable. We offer licensing options of our equipment, as well as product development services to provide the best production and price of our G-PMC material – conveniently produced at your own facility

Graphene Composites for YOUR Products are now within reach

Purchase Graphene Composites from Our Factory 

TLC is excited to offer graphene polymer matrix composites (G-PMCs) directly for your immediate use! We will work with you to understand your needs and select the correct polymer types and grades for your applications. We can also tune our G-PMCs to satisfy your specific property requirements. We will produce that composition and supply it to you in pellet form & help you to develop applications for graphene composites in your product line.

License the Technology

In addition to providing graphene composites to the trade, TLC licenses its technology to key partners in the industry. TLC can provide a complete production line by installing our equipment at your facility. We will send a technical team to conduct on-site training and assist your team with startup, ramp up, and fine tuning. We will provide ongoing support to ensure that the equipment is running as expected. TLC will also implement any improvements and work alongside your team to do R&D on our equipment, and make sure that it is meeting and exceeding your expectations. This is very new technology, and we can refine it for your application.

Licensing will reduce supply chain logistics. It will also keep the cost down. This will enable graphene composites to be used in more products.

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Plastic resin + Graphite + Processing Cost + Royalty = Graphene Composite

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